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Ronald McDonald House – Norfolk, Virginia

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Norfolk (RMHC-Norfolk), an affiliate of Ronald McDonald House Charities®, was established for families who want to be near their child (age 21 and under) receiving medical treatment at one of the local hospitals.


Ronald McDonald House Charities Norfolk’s House Policies
*For your security Ronald McDonald House has 24 hour surveillance.*


Ronald McDonald House’s mission is to provide a temporary housing for families with children who are age 21 and under receiving treatment in local medical facilities. We are a non-profit organization and rely on donations from the public to support our efforts. Please help us keep our costs low by following our simple house policies. RMHC does not provide counseling or medical services.


It is mandatory for families to exit the House if the Fire Alarm goes off.


Grounds for immediate dismissal from the Ronald McDonald House:


SMOKING – Smoking is NOT permitted in or around the House. Smoking is permitted outside in the back of the House only. No open flames allowed on the premises.


Alcohol and Illegal Drug Use – NO Alcohol, drugs or drunkenness is permitted inside or around the House.


Possession of Weapons or Firearms –Weapons are strictly prohibited inside or around the House.


Theft or Destruction of Property – Do not disable any fire safety equipment. Theft or destruction of house or family property is prohibited. Do not touch items that do not belong to you.


Harassment – Any harassment of an employee or family is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.


Pornography – Pornographic materials are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.


Behavior – Unsafe, disruptive or illegal behavior is grounds for immediate eviction. Families under investigation or convicted of any crimes, abusing alcohol or drugs are not eligible to stay at RMHC.


False Information – Any family knowingly providing false information on forms required by Ronald McDonald House will be evicted.




Child Care by Staff or Volunteer – Is strictly prohibited at RMHC of Norfolk.


Unattended Children – Parents/guardians of all children staying at or visiting the Ronald McDonald House are responsible for the direct supervision and safety of their children. Parents/guardians are responsible for supervision of their minor children in the Ronald McDonald House and on the House property. Children should not be left unattended by the parent or guardian in the House or on House property. Children age 17 and under are considered minor children.


Food – NO Eating or drinking food outside the kitchen and dining room


UNCLEANLINESS – Please keep your room clean during your stay. Housekeeping is not provided in your room during your stay. Clean up after your family and friends when using public areas of the house.


Absences If you will be absent from the House overnight or for more than 24 hours you are required to check out.




Visiting your child at the hospital is essential and must be your first priority.


Do not open the front door for anyone that is not a member of your family group.


Proper attire (shirt, pant, etc) is required in the common family areas. No pajamas


Transportation – RMHC of Norfolk does not provide any transportation. RMHC prohibits the use of personal staff or volunteer vehicles to transport families and guests, whether the staff member or volunteer is on or off duty.


Pets – Pets are not allowed in RMHC of Norfolk the only exception to the rule are Service Animals. No Pet Therapy Animals.


No cooking after 10 pm – Please be respectful of all kitchen & laundry room rules.




  • 1. Check Out Time is 10:00 AM
  • 2. You are required to keep the office informed of your departure date if different from your registration sheet.
  • 3. Families must check out in the office. Families who vacate their room in an inappropriate manner are prohibited from staying at RMHC in the future.
  • 4. Only one room is allowed for the family of the sick child.
  • 5. All vehicles parked on RMHC property must be registered with the office. All vehicles not registered will be subject to towing.
  • 6. Any person who spends the night at the house must be registered at the front desk. Families are NOT allowed to have more people in their room than the maximum occupancy. No visitors allowed after 10:00 PM. Families may not share rooms. (Sleeping in the room you are registered to stay in) No swapping rooms or roommates is allowed.
  • 7. Do not move or disassemble furniture.
  • 8. RMHC reserves the right to enter your room at any time; staff will check the condition of rooms on a regular basis.
  • 9. Families must check out immediately after the child is released from doctor’s care.
  • 10. No portable electrical appliances or equipment allowed. (hot plates, heaters etc.)
  • 11. Medical procedures may not be performed on the premises.
  • Towels and sheets will be exchanged once a week only.
  • Do not change standard voicemail and phone settings in your room.
  • Maintenance workers may need to enter your room during your stay.
  • No commercial vehicles may be parked on Ronald McDonald House property.
  • Please turn off lights and television when room is not occupied.
  • Please keep your key on you at all times. Please lock your door when room is not occupied.



Ronald McDonald House is not responsible for the loss or theft of, or damage to, any family’s personal property.

Important Phone Numbers:


*After Office Hour Emergencies- please dial ext 306 for assistance.*
*If you dial 911 in an emergency please give them your room # and notify staff @ ext 306.*


Ronald McDonald House – (757) 627-5386 Fax (757) 622-0534
(Please ask your family, friends and hospital to ask for your room number.)


CHKD Information- (757) 668-7120
Sentara Norfolk General- (757) 388-3000
Taxi- Yellow Cab- (757) 855-3333